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Order Update

Hey Khustlers, Thank you so much for being so patient as you wait for your custom and preorder item. This will be the official page for your order updates. We receive so many emails a day, so we ask you to refer to this page for order updates. We will update this page frequently. Please refer to our store policy to answer any questions on shipping and processing times. If you do not see information about your custom/pre-order listed, it is okay. We will provide information for you once we have placed custom/pre-orders with the factory. Thank you so much for shopping and supporting my brand! Thank you so much for trusting me to process and deliver your item! There is no KHUSTLE LLC without you! I want to take full responsibility for what has currently taken place! I am doing as much as possible to make the process of getting your orders here and out quickly faster!!! I have attached below a detailed order update for each product! If you ever need an update about your item please visit our update page.

Side Note: Pre Order Items are Airpods. Custom Items are custom jewelry, initial chains, slippers, glass plaques and custom phone cases. If you ordered any instock items with your custom/preorder items, we will ship them together unless you want the instock items within your order rushed. Please visit the “rush fee” on the site. Also you receive a tracking number once your order has been SHIPPED. Please also note that these updates are the most relevant for your order, as of August 3. Everything I know about your order is on this page.

Custom Jewelry

Side Note:  (production for customs is 2-4 weeks as stated in the store policy, if you ordered during our $10 sale we quote an extra two weeks to process your order))

  • If you ordered any custom jewelry May 4th-June 30th, orders have been all shipped out. There are only a few that were not shipped out due to complications with their order. No worries we have fixed the issues, and they will ship out with the next batch of custom necklaces that are set to come in. Please feel free to read the update below this one, for more information on when the next shipment will arrive. 
  •  If you ordered any custom jewelry July 1-6, We had 552 custom name necklaces placed within this time frame. They arrived at KHUSTLE, August 3rd. We are now packaging them and we will ship them all off by August 5th.
  •  If you ordered any custom jewelry July 7-26, We had 1,000+  custom name necklaces plus other custom jewelry placed within this time frame.your order is being made.(Once all the necklaces from this timeframe have been completed by the factory they will ship them to KHUSTLE. Shipping usually takes only about 3-5 business days. I will update this section once he has shipped them. The factory will ship them to me on the 17th and usually it takes exactly four days to arrive. They will most likely get here on the 20th and I will have them all shipped out by the 24th. 
  • If you ordered any custom jewelry July 27-August 5th, your order has begun production. (We are making draft art for your order and we will post it on our instagram story on August 6th or 7th. 
  • (Please note that orders placed in May & Early June experienced a delay, orders that were placed late June and in July will be processed within our normal processing time)


  • If you ordered any raccoon slippers, we have shipped them out. 
  • If you ordered any other slippers, they will arrive at KHUSTLE before or on August 12. I will ship them out next day. 


  • AS OF JULY 27, WE HAVE SHIPPED THE AIRPODS THAT HAVE CAME IN, IF YOU HAVE NOT RECEIVED AIRPODS YET WE ARE WAITING ON THE NEW BOX**PLEASE READ**If you ordered any AirPods in June and have not received them, more AirPods have been shipped to me. The first box of airpods that were shipped to us were lost in the mail by DHL. The factory shipped us another box to replace them. More airpods are estimated to be delivered to KHUSTLE on August 6th. We will ship them on August 7th. If you ordered in late July or early August, as of August 3, your order has been placed with the factory, they will ship out the airpods within 1-2 days. It usually takes 5-7 days to arrive to KHUSTLE and we will ship them once they come in. You early or mid August. 

Custom Phone Cases

  • All custom phone cases have been finished and placed as of August 3rd. Once the factory has shipped them to me, I will provide more information. Shipping usually takes 7-14 days to arrive at KHUSTLE. You should receive it early August. 


Initial Chains

  • As of August 4, All initial chains have been shipped. Shipping usually only takes 3-7 business days to arrive. You should receive it early August. I will provide more information once I have been provided with a tracking number! 

Glass Plaques

  • Please check back here Friday to see an update.


Instock Items

  • If you ordered any instock items and it hasn't been shipped out and your processing time has expired please email us so we can ship your order. Processing time is 7-14 business days for instock items, as stated in the store policy. Processing time does not include the weekends.


Thank you so much once again for being so patient with me , I am so grateful for your patience! Thank you so much for your understanding as well, I want you to feel comfortable about your order!