Brand Ambassador Program

Are you an influncer looking to become a Brand Ambassador? KHUSTLE is currently looking for motivated influencers to join our Brand Ambassador Program. If you are interested in becoming a Brand Ambassador, please read the information below. 

To Become A Brand Ambassador You Must Have The Following: 

    • You must have at least 1K+ followers or more on at least one social media platform.
    • Love to make content and post pictures/videos frequently. 
    • Must take nice pictures/videos.

Brand Ambassador Benefits:

    • Brand Ambassador Bi-Weekly Pay
    • Social Media Exposure On Our Media Page
    • Free Shipping On All Orders Above $30
    • Brand Ambassador Gifts Such As Starbucks, Gift Cards, Money, Etc
    • Free Products

Brand Ambassador Pay and Free Products: 

    • Brand Ambassador Pay Depends On Each Creator. Brand Ambassador Pay Ranges From $10 - $1,000/Bi-Weekly. Each Creator Will Receive A Specific Pay Amount, Once They Get Started With The Program. 
    • Receiving Free Products Depends On Each Creator. Free Products Will Be Discussed With Each Creator Who Signs Up And Begins The Program. 

Here Is How To Get Started:

  (1) Email your social media username(s) to       Once you email us, you will receive a special discount link via email.

       (2) Use this special discount link to promote to your social media audience.      Place this discount link on your social media platforms, and promote your link to your platforms. Once your link receives 3 orders, we will then send you a free item. 

   (3) Once you receive your free item, within two weeks make up to 4 social media post with the item and make sure to tag us (@shopkhustle).

   (4) Once you have completed step 3, please email us to inform us that you have completed your content posting. We will then set up a meeting with you to discuss how much your Brand Ambassador Pay will be, among other things. Your Brand Ambassador Pay is based off of your content performance and delivery.