5 Tips To Remember When Starting A Business

As an entrepreneur, you will be faced with many challenges starting a business or a venture...every business owner usually is. Here are five tips to remember when starting a business.
1. Make It Legal
It is important to complete the legal process of owning a business. If you start a business without actually completing the legal process, you may face several penalties. Example of these penalties are paying high fines or serving time in jail.
Before you start a business, make sure to research business licenses that best fit you and your needs. Majority of small business owners start their business as an LLC or a Sole P. You can use sites like Legal Zoom or an lawyer, to assist you with making your business legal.
2. Quality Products
When deciding on products to offer to consumers, you want to make sure that they have good quality. Before just ordering items to sale, make sure to research about the material that the item is made up of. Also, consider ordering samples/or small amounts of an item to test out before offering it to consumers.
3. Making A Site 
Having a site for your store is really important. You want to give your customers a place to shop at. Having a site is vital for a business. If you are selling through social media platforms, consider building a site for your business instead. After doing so, you will see how much easier it is to sale off of your site than through social media platforms.
There are several hosting platforms you can use to build your site with. I started with Big Cartel and moved to Shopify, once my store grew out of Bigcartel. You can also use platforms like Wix or GoDaddy. (P.S....Bigcartel has a free plan.)
4.Shipping Supplies 
If you have an online store, you will most likely be shipping orders. While you may be on a tight spending budget, there are ways to receive free shipping supplies. Fortunately, USPS supplies free shipping boxes, mailers, stickers and much more to businesses. Make sure to check out their site to see what they have to offer.
5. Consistency  
Lastly, businesses just don't grow over night. As a business owner, you have to remain consistent with marketing and selling items to your customers.
Having goals helps you to become more consistence with your business and indeed helps grow your business. Try to set daily goals to reach, and see how that helps with your consistence.
I hope that these five tips can help you on your journey to starting your business. Make sure to follow us on instagram @shopkhustle to stay updated on when we post more business-related blogs. 

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